• Welcome to Children's Homestead bringing learning to life! School Education That pays dividends in character and reasoning. Learning for Life Physically, socially and intellectually.
  • Nurturing and inspiring curious and gifted minds.

  • Children’s Homestead Schools provides a dynamic, independent and authentic Montessori experience that engages each child during every stage of development. 
    We have a rich delightful learning environment for children aged 18 months to 10 years and a modern Crèche facility available for babies (3 to 18 months).
    • Interactive Learning

      For kids learning should be fun and not some boring activity.

    • Quality Education

      Our curriculum is up to date based on Montessori principles.

    • Conducive Place

      Our environment enables learning happen naturally.

    • Children Welfare

      Beyond education, we care for our kids physically and socially.

  • We don’t just prep your child for basic school. Rather, our goal is to provide them with skills that will help them both educationally and socially, to make an impact in the classroom and beyond.

    Here are four ways we achieve this goal

    • Provide a warm and loving environment in which each child feels secure, respected and loved, which will enhance the growth and development of the whole child.
    • Help build self confidence, self esteem and motivation, which will foster the natural desire to learn.
    • Encourage the development of creativity in each child, which can aid them to become active explorers and learners.
    • Develop social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation, which will provide opportunities for each child to develop social grace and courtesy.
  • Fostering the growth of independent, self-confident children

  • We strive to cultivate an environment that is safe, loving, nurturing and flexible using an interactive learning process based on Montessori principles

    • Creche
      Class name
      • 3 – 18
        Month olds
    • Toddler
      Class name
      • 18 – 36
        Month olds
    • Nursery/Primary
      Class name
      • 3 -10
        Year olds
  • See Our Photo Gallery!

    See Our Photo Gallery!