• Essential Parent's Code of Guide to ensure the safety and Conduct care of our children
  • There is no discrimination in terms of origin. The school is open and receptive to all chidren.Though parents will be informed about our religious standard and background, which is strictly Christianity.
    • All children will be respected and given equal opportunities that will enhance their development.
    • There will be no prejudice, stereotyping or discrimination in giving roles, doing activities or managing behavior.
    • Children with disabilities or learning difficulties will be given additional or different help if necessary to bring them to same starting point as others.
    • No derogatory comment should be made about any child with challenge in learning.(All additional medical costs will be referred to child’s parents).
    • Different customs, cultures, values, beliefs and religion should be respected. Learning about the differences in people is a part of the school curriculum.
    • Members of staff should maintain a good relationship with parents, but should be kept strictly official.

    Children’s House is open all year round from 7am – 6pm, excluding posted holidays. Our academic day starts at 8am.Parents are requested to see to it that their children arrive early to reap the full benefit of the Montessori environment. When children arrive late, they miss out on valuable class time.

    Regular attendance and punctual arrival are two habits that dramatically impact children’s acahievement.Awards will be given to punctual and early birds for modeling good behavior and time keeping.

    Absences and tardiness are disturbing to pupils, it disrupts their schedule, requires readjustment to class routine and slows down learning. Parents are urged to make every effort to schedule appointments for times other than school days. This will reinforce the importance of school.


    School open at 6:30am and closes at 2:00 and 6:00pm respectively. Please, make every effort to pick up your child on time.

    All adults for pick up must show approved school pick up cards for identification.


    Children’s House runs a summer camp, which takes place in the month of August at a fee and we offer free lunch. Crèche facility and drop-ins are open all through the holiday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

  • Parents code of conduct.
    At children’s House, we hold the safety and care of our children with the utmost concern and respect. Just as we set guidelines for appropriate behavior from our pupils, we also have certain expectations from all adults who come to our school. What follows is our parents code of conduct and are as follows:
    • Children are always listening, so we insist that, parents and their guests use appropriate language while outside and at home.
    • Disagreements, whether parents or any child, in the school, such behavior is unacceptable. We treat everyone in a professional, respectful manner and expect same in return.
    • We have a zero tolerance policy regarding threats. We have a duty to provide a safe environment for our staff, children and their families.
    • If an adult attempts to pick up a child while appearing pontificated by alcohol, we will not release the child and will call approved adults in the pickup lists.
    • Children’s House strives to follow all court mandated or parent agreement custody arrangement. However, unless we receive official paper work otherwise, no parent is barred from visiting or picking up his or her child.
    • Whoever signs the contract for care with Children’s House is legally responsible for tuition and will be the adult we consult when tuition is late.

    The official language in school is English. Please no vernacular or pidgin is allowed with members of staffs or parents. The more accurately informed we are about your children, the better we can care for them. Also inform your child’s teacher of any changes at home in the child’s life that may have an effect at school.

    Please read all notes or letters sent.
    Check your child’s books daily.
    Please update the school with new information if changed. This aids easy contact in case of emergency. Please, do not rely on verbal messages.

    Please feel free to call the director about any concerns you may have.


    Informal conferences can be arranged and may be held at given time of the term. If you have any question or comment, please feel free to ask the teachers or the director. Each class has a scheduled day of the term, “open House”, where you and your child’s teacher can talk about the child’s progress.

    Parents teachers forums are held once every term. The forum gives parents and staff opportunities to discuss the child’s social, physical, emotional and cognitive development. Both parents are encouraged to attend. Please; parents should always check the school calendar to keep abreast of information in case changes are made.


    Toddler class.
    Boys-White/red shirt on grey shorts while girls – white/red blouse on grey pinafore.

    Nursery class.
    Boys -White/blue shirt on grey shorts while girls – white/blue blouse on grey pleated skirt.

    Black shoes with black socks.

    Tee-shirt on shorts worn with socks and trainers or canvas.


    All tuition fees are paid per term. The termly bill will be attached to child’s report.

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